Thank You Airshow Industry

CHAT extends a warm thank you to our airshow friends and family for a fantastc 20 years. Your profesionalism and hospitality has been greatly appreciated.

We want to thank our sponsors, past and present, for their support in our mission of bringing history to life.

Thank you to our fans, young and old, for your interest in our team and our mission. Your support allowed our team and the entire airshow industry to do what we love to do.

CHAT officially disbands the team as of 2021.

Pete(#1), Dave(#2), Kent(#3) and Marco(#4) would also like to extend a thank you to the CHAT ground support team: Eugene Loj(#5), Dylan Hewitt(#6), Eric Dumigan(#7) and all others who served the team, past and present, for their dedication.


History Was Brought to Life

CHAT has accumulated many photos and videos across the 20 years we flew. Here are the highlights.
Photos courtesy of our long time friends Eric Dumigan(CHAT #7) and Bernadette Dumigan (, Gustavo Corujo (, and Dylan Hewitt(CHAT #6) (HighFlyingHewitt).